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Custom Programs and Coaching

At home programs are custom made for you and the equipment you have available. I'll make sure you understand all exercises, send picture, videos and modifications when needed. I'll check in with you weekly and you'll have access to me via text or email. At Home Programs are created for you to be able to do at your home, on your own time with the equipment you feel comfortable with. Programs are typically 6 weeks but can be modified. We can chat about exercises, tips, nutrition, anything you need for your health and fitness success.

Fitness at Home Program Success Stories

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The past 3 months I have been working with Rayanne "virtually". She has been a huge support while I got back into my fitness/weights/food. The workouts have all been great and easily modifiable (when needed). Her support via text and email...I am grateful for! She never once told me I couldn't do anything, she has always supported me and motivated me to get back on track after a food or workout tumble. I've got my mental clarity back along with scale and non scale victories!


I have been struggling with bad eating and drinking habits, low energy and a lack of focus on my general health for years especially during COVID. Six weeks ago, after much needed self-reflection I reached out to Rayanne. She takes the time to understand that we are all different - that our needs and motivations are all different. My six week program was exactly what I needed to gain confidence and motivation! I have already noticed a difference in how my clothes fit and my overall strength! I am pumped for the next six weeks!


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